The vision of Olin Virtual Academy continues to be to assist high school students seeking an alternative high school experience in acquiring the necessary life skills that will equip and arm them for later stages in life, and to optimize learning for each student to assist them to achieve their individual learning objectives. This requires an understanding of each student and his/her profile; designing a high quality and relevant program that gives these students the best possible opportunity for academic success; and through regular measuring of progress against goals. Technology has made the personalization of education possible. Full-time online school is not appropriate for every student. But for some students, Olin Virtual Academy can continue to be the bridge that brings them back into the public school system:


  1. Allowing students to advance at their own pace

  2. Schedule flexibility to accommodate work or family care responsibilities

  3. Freedom of location, for those who have physical challenges

  4. Connections in a one-to-one setting with certified instructors, for those who need more personalized attention.


Olin Virtual Academy believes that learning best occurs when students are offered an opportunity which combines a rigorous academic curriculum, a strong support network of highly-qualified staff, and reasonable standards and expectations in a flexible personalize learning environment. Olin Virtual Academy is structured to support high student achievement by creating a high-quality online, personalized learning environment for all its students. The guiding principle’s around which Olin Virtual Academy is designed begins with:


  1. Traditional schools are not for every student.

  2. All students – as individuals – should be celebrated

  3. Different students may need to take a different path to achieve academic proficiency and to achieve their desires and goals.

  4. Education should be supportive of differences in interests, abilities, styles, and goals.

  5. Online delivery

  6. Technology in education enables the delivery of educational content that can be efficiently personalized to multiple learning styles, interests, and capabilities.

  7. Meets student needs that aren't met in a classroom

  8. Online delivery leverages the power of the information age through deep, varied content made available through the Internet.

  9. Technology allows students to be educated efficiently and effectively through a flexible schedule where they can learn at the time, pace, and place of their choosing.


Personalized Learning


  1. Lessons learned through independent work can be “stickier” than if learned via lecture and tends to remain with the learner longer than knowledge gained through a classroom lecture.

  2. Helps high school students build life skills

  3. Students in a personalized learning program develop more effective time-management skills, self discipline,and self-direction.

  4. Maturity, time-management, and self-direction aid in college and/or career success.

  5. We continue to believe that today’s teens are capable of building successful educational and social relationships even though they work independently. However, we also believe that supplementing the online high school experience with community-based interactions will provide powerful social and academic benefits for students.

Olin Virtual Academy

2600 Foothill Blvd, La Crescenta, Ca. 91214


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