Olin Virtual Academy is a public charter school and we support English language Learners by providing instruction that is highly visual, interactive and individualized. ELL students enjoy the lower level of public speaking anxiety and individualized opportunities with the teacher that working online provides. All ELL students at OVA are given an individualized graduation/learning plans.

  • Annual CELDT Testing
  • Learn at your own pace - recorded classes
  • Parent training
  • 10 to 1 student/mentor ratio

Olin Virtual Academy is a public charter school that supports English language learners. Our professionally trained teachers provide instruction that is highly visual, interactive and individualized (Universal Design and SDAIE strategies) to promote English language development across all subjects. ELL students participate in English language interventions that to increase English language proficiency. Students have access to Student Success Mentors who provide additional support and are closely monitored by our ELL Coordinator.  All ELL students work with our school counselor to develop an individualized graduation/learning plan designed to maximize their academic success. In addition, OVA offers parent support through monthly ELAC meetings and ongoing communications home. 

Our goal is for students to reach a fluent level English language communication skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Students are eligible for Reclassification upon meeting specific criteria in accordance with California Department of Education.

  • CELDT (California English Language Development Test): student must score at a level of Early Advanced or Advanced
  • OVA’s MAP Assessment –or CAASPP: On the MAP, student must score within the average range compared to non-ELL students. On the CAASPP, student must score “met” or “exceeded”.
  • Student Academic Progress: Student must be earning passing grades in English language arts courses. If a student is not earning a passing grade, teacher input will be requested to determine that the student’s non-passing grade is due to other reasons other than the student’s level of English proficiency.
  • Parent/ Adult Student Input: In this final step, the parent is invited to attend a Reclassification meeting to review the data and approve Reclassification.

Upon Reclassification, the student will continue to be monitored for a period of two years to ensure success and determine if interventions are needed.

Olin Virtual Academy

2600 Foothill Blvd, La Crescenta, Ca. 91214


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