Special Education Department Olin Virtual Academy Special Education Department offers a continuum of support to our families and students. The teaching staff include educators that are experts in their field, working with individuals who may be on the spectrum, have learning disabilities or emotional disturbances. Our education specialists, also known as case managers are highly qualified, credentialed educators. In addition, special education teachers work in collaboration with parents, general education teachers, the student academic success team, service providers (DIS) and the student.

Our student population includes a diverse student body who may have academic, behavioral, social or emotional disabilities and are in need of support. Individualized Education Plans are written specific to a student. We value the unique situation of each student and we have built a repoire with students and their families. Olin Virtual Academy offers services that include: Designated Instructional Services (Speech& Language, Occupational Therapy) and DIS that is individualized to each student’s unique needs. Specialized Academic Instruction (SAI) are additional services to support students with working in each academic area. Students who are provided SAI services meet with their education specialist to focus on additional support in reading, writing, math, college and career transition and study skills.

Accommodation / Modifications are in place to support a student in the classroom and home environment, and are included when taking state tests. These supports are written in individualized IEPs to help students maximize their ability to be successful in achieving their academic goals. In addition Special education teachers work in collaboration with the general education teachers to ensure the implementation and high level of support in the mainstream class room. Special education teachers also work in collaboration with the student academic support team, the service providers, the parents and the studen

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