The Student Advisor will diagnose, monitor, support and mentor all students academically. They will be the communication hub between the student, teacher, administration and home when students are not meeting their potential. Each student at Olin Virtual Academy will be assigned a Student Advisor upon enrollment. Students that fall into the Student Advisor's “Zone of Support” can expect additional, constant monitoring and additional learning opportunities (intervention) to strengthen pre-requisite skills. Students will receive “Zone of Support” for:

  • Failure to report to classes
  • Not completing assignments
  • Low mastery rate on assignments and assessments
  • EL Learners
  • Credit Recovery Status
  • Extended Seniors
  • Under a 2.0 GPA Previous Semester
  • The need for intervention is determined by a progress report or semester grades.
  • Students failing to make progress will be placed on an Academic Success Plan by the Student Advisor

Students continually not making adequate academic progress may be referred to the Principal for evaluation to determine whether Independent Study is an inappropriate fit; and, upon such determination, may be referred back to their district of residence.

Olin Virtual Academy

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